Why Choose Us?

We’re more than a nanny agency. We want to free you from the fears, overwhelm and guilt that can come with motherhood. We empower you to hold onto your own identity and to live your life on your own terms.

Childcare when you want it

No fixed hours, no paying for childcare when you don’t need it. Just ad-hoc childcare that allows you to continue with your usual lifestyle and create a balance between being you and being mum.

Advice & support

Not only are our nannies available to take care of your little one, but you can also ask them for their advice and support on a range of childcare topics such as sleep routines, potty training and weaning.

Experience & training

We only employ nannies who are qualified, highly experienced and dedicated to childcare. We complete all checks and run regular training sessions to keep their skills up-to-date.

Time to relax

Childcare is not just for when working. You deserve to have time to do things that bring you joy. Get a good night’s sleep, meet up with friends, have a date night or go to a yoga class. The choice is yours.

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