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Have you ever sat there and wished you had an extra pair of hands now and again? That someone would just appear at the moment you needed them?

It was from these exact thoughts that A Mother’s Help was born.

I had twenty years of nanny experience and yet motherhood came as a shock. I felt overwhelmed and was constantly sleep deprived.

As if that wasn’t enough, I felt guilty that I didn’t want to be with my own children every single moment of the day.  I thought everyone would be talking about me and asking what kind of mother I was that I wanted a life beyond my children.

I love both my children dearly but I also knew that we would all end up miserable if I didn’t do anything else – I’m more than just mum and my children would benefit from me being happy and relaxed.

Being a nanny, I knew there were a few childcare options out there. These were fine if you were looking for childcare while you worked. You could book your place based on the hours you needed. They would remain the same each week. But you also needed to pay for that place even when you were on holiday or didn’t need it.

But isn’t there more to life than parenting and work? Shouldn’t we be able to get some rest or enjoy ourselves now and again?

I thought about the difference it would have made if someone had been able to take over for a few hours, an extra pair of hands so I could get some sleep and maintain my sanity. 

Imagine being able to go on a spa day with the girls, going out on dates with your partner, or returning to your old yoga class that was your little piece of sanctuary. 

That’s why I started A Mother’s Help. I wanted to gift mums with the childcare and time for them. I wanted to provide a service that told mums that it’s okay to want a break, to have someone look after your child whilst you do the things you love.

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